esquecidos ou nunca lembrados

See the children play by Running try to touch the sky When one falls you hear a cry “You’re dead, you’re dead, you must die” “Take a dream and fly away” she will call They will wait for you not I, see me crawl And sometimes I feel so old I never smile nor do cry Shadows flicker from above “Seeker save your soul” she said She will fly, she will fly He will wait far away A golden key to open the door Behind which the answer lies You sinned in dreams Now awake in deeper, deeper dreams “Take a dream and fly away” she will call They won’t wait for you not I, they will wait for you not I See me crawl, she will fly far away. Decline and fall… Never return… Die… Mary be so proud, things that are not allowed To take your own life, stab it with a knife They put you in a box, send you up to heaven Oh what to do, not to feel and who are you Give me money give me sex Give me food and cigarette What should we do if baby turns blue? You broke my heart, it came in two The faculties of a broken heart I go out on Monday, looking for a Tuesday Nothing ever makes much sense You don’t seem to make much sense It was an accident, I didn’t mean it John had a bomb and he lit it in his head Went to bed for seventeen weeks Took too many drugs now he don’t eat They put you in a box and send you up to heaven The moon has eyes and watches me As I go to sleep I’ve caught so many falling stars There’s holes in my hands Such a tale I could tell you Oh, I will take one more step Get down on your knees, crawl! Another dead soldier - me that’s all Take a chance Take a chance today Fall in love - run away True bliss for a couple of hours Picking up the vainest loving flowers Brothers! Sisters! Mothers too A chip on my shoulder as I get older Hey, buy me a drink and I’ll be like you Can’t walk, can’t sleep, can’t think My eyes deceive me my friends are freaks A lover or a liar in the midnight sun A lover or a liar, oh which one? Oh leave me, or love me, I’m everyone’s fool Confusion! Oh my Jesus guilt “Am I man enough to take this?” Get out of my way Get out of my way You should know better Is pain the only comfort? Is pain the only comfort? My luck is where I fall Acceptance! Deliverance! Who? Who am I fooling? Tomorrows never come I am the meat I am the murder The eye of the fork This man must walk Oh no! Oh no! I’m just one step, two steps, three steps away Oh the moon looked down and laughed… Hey blue moon, you saw me standing alone Without a love of my own

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